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Welcome to Emergency Dental Care MD and choosing us to find your top dentist in MD to help you with your toothache and emergency needs! If your current dentist do not have after hours to help you in an emergency situation we are here to help guide you to the appropriate 24 hour dentist in MD and also give you tips and advice to prevent further pain and damage to your teeth and mouth. All of us have had tooth pains and mouth pains in our lifetime so we definitely feel your pain but rest assured you will be in good hands very soon with our assistance.


Things to Do Before Seeing an Emergency Dentist in MD

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Before or after you contact our top emergency dental care MD dentists you can use these self treatments to prevent increased pain and damage.

  1. Make sure you rinse your mouth gently with warm water to get any debris, food or blood out of the mouth. Swelling may occur in some cases which can be aided with a cold compress around the area of swelling.
  2. If you have constant bleeding because of a cut inside the mouth or gum it is advised by dentists to go to a local emergency room.
  3. If you have a cut on your tongue, lip or a broken tooth please use a cold pack to apply in the injured area outside of the mouth or cheek with a piece of gauze over the bleeding site until you visit the dentist or an emergency room. For any chipped or broken teeth, it is recommended by dentists to save all of the pieces in milk before giving it to your dentist at time of treatment especially if it is your permanent teeth.
  4. Flossing around the teeth can also take out food or debris that is causing pain but if that doesn’t permanently help you, please see an emergency dentist in MD right now.
  5. An over the counter pain reliever can be taken after reading the packing label to ease the pain before seeing the emergency dentist. Do not put the pain reliever medicine or pill against the area of injury or pain as it can cause more burning and swelling.  Aspirins are not recommended for pain relievers but acetaminophen will help alleviate the pain temporarily.
  6. If a filling fell out of the tooth, it is recommended to treat temporarily by putting a piece of sugar-free gum into the cavity or buy a temporary dental cement sold normally in 24hr local pharmacies.

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What to Expect During Your Visit

Hopefully before you leave to see your Emergency Dentist in MD call to make sure they are available to help with your needs. If for any reason you cannot get in touch with someone, going to a local emergency room is recommended.

Once you have arrived at the dentist, expect to sign in with the receptionist and request to see the dentist. Most likely, the dentist will have a short conversation about your problems and pain before finding a solution. It depends on different situations but normally you will take some X-Rays that will give the dentist a better idea of the source of problem which generally goes quick. The dentist most likely will also inspect your mouth and teeth with dentistry tools to find any visible issues and will proceed with treatment.

Treatment types can be as followed:

  • Bridges” that can replace missing tooth or teeth.
  • Temporary Crown” that is a temporary cap over your tooth that was damaged or decayed.
  • “Temporary or permanent fillings” that will fill the hole in the tooth caused by decay.
  • Root Canal Treatment” which treats the infected area in the center of the decayed tooth which normally will have a crown to finish the treatment.
  • “Extractions” which the dentist will extract a decayed tooth or teeth that grows in an angle that causes pain which are normally wisdom teeth.

These are common treatments at our emergency dentist that needs to be revisited with subsequent appointments to finish the treatment.


Hopefully by now you have had some advice on what to do and expect with emergency dental care MD and we hope that you will feel better soon!